Zone of the Enders: Second Runner Update 2.0 Side-by-Side Comparison

New update 2.0 for ZOE HD Second Runner is now available. The update shows the new logo “Hexa Drive”, the comapany that did Okami HD for PSN. It looks like the company actually fixed the framerate issue. During cutscenes, some details on the robot are different, or even worse, but if that is a tradeoff, I will take it any day.

The framerate has been vastly improved showing 60FPS most of time. Also actual gameplay is faster (as seen on the first section, when the walking is faster on the after-update), which is shocking.

The video is 720p 30FPS. It will not as smooth as the actual gameplay itself, but you can compare before and after.

As a person who played the original PS2 ZOE2, the ZOEHD was a bit of disappointment. Now i can properly enjoy this game again.

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