Soul Calibur 5: Michael Jackson, Sheva, Hercule, Fun Custom Characters

Soul Calibur 5 is out, and it is really fun game. The severely reduced single player part is a little bit of let down, but the multiplayer mode is quite robust. However, network disconnection happens way too often. There is no host migration feature. If the host leaves the room, the whole room is done for.

The biggest attraction of SC5 is the custom characters. I couldn’t make a single interesting character, but I can meet so many interesting characters. It is actually pretty fun just looking at various custom characters people come up with. So far, Michael Jackson character by mr2die4000 is my favorite due to the somewhat matching fighting style with moonwalk 😀

Also another fun characters are Sheva and Hercule shown here,

The next video shows some epic sit-chronization between me and Darth_Snider. I was LMAO whole time.

Another fight with Darth.

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