Battlefield 3: 37 Killstreak (31 from a stolen Tunguska :P)

A fun game I had last night. This shows a couple of obvious but important things about playing Battlefield 3. Stealing the Tunguska at 2:30 mark. From that moment, it’s more of stream-rolling people. My concern was C4 and coordinated RPG attacks. Luckily I could survive for quite long time.

1. Don’t lose Tunguska ever.

This vehicle is probably most powerful and versatile one among all. Losing this is a big mistake. Since it is one-man vehicle, you should not simply get out and repair leaving it unattended.

2. Tunguska needs nerf.

I believe there was a patch (or at least intention) for nerfing this on PC version. Not sure when PS3 will get this. The bullets are really fast, cover big area, and do not bend over the long distance that much.

3. C4 is more effective than RPG.

Unless two people shoot RPGs, shooting RPG is not as effective as you think. The guaranteed way is putting 3 C4s. Of course, if you can get close to the target 😛

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