Revisiting Move Controller for MAG

I kinda shunned the Move controller after initial purchase. Tried few times but really couldn’t get into it due to awkward ….. everything. Played KZ3 SP but that was it.

Now after a year or so (?), a fellow MAG player, SerialNumber1221, strongly suggested (has suggested multiple times) about Move. At first, I was skeptical thinking, it would be very crouching oriented play, which is opposite of my playstyle. Then watched his video, which was very impressive. I had to try it out after watching it, and these are the results 🙂

The first video is using LMG, I changed to LMG few weeks ago and got intrigued about Move because it has no recoil. This makes LMG very deadly weapon. My aim is not that good to begin with, but with Move, I guess I can aim a little better.

The second video is a montage of first three games with Shotgun. First, I got quite confused, but it showed some potential, and the last minute, I could get some decent 8 kill streak. Definitely, I underestimated Move control. Will try more if I can get some good kills with it 🙂

Now there are a few problems.

– I tend to squeeze the controllers a little too harder than dualshock. I guess I will get used to it but currently my hands get tired quite easily. Also the shape is not that comfortable for intense gaming. Nav controller is pretty much must. Dualshock can be used for the left side, but shape is not meant to be used by lopsided hand.

– Still button configurations (especially the Move button which works as R2) feel very alien to me. I kept mispressing buttons to do things I didn’t wanted to do.

– The first squeeze of the trigger button often does not register for shooting. This is because, while running around, the trigger finger tends to gradually move away from the trigger button. The first reaction to squeeze actually slightly touches it rather than full squeeze. This results in no shooting. Kinda annoying but had to work on it.

– The gun graphic covers too much space especially aim too high, turning left and shooting is much easier than turning right, because you can see what’s going on.

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