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SSX Demo First 14 minute, Intro, Tutorials and Race

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

SSX demo was released today on PSN. This brings good old memory from PS2. Original SSX was a great game with great graphic (for PS2) and feeling of big snowboading race. I kinda lost interest over the multiple iterations. But this one seems pretty solid.

Again the scope of map is great and that feeling of rushing down the mountain is greater than ever.

It has two interesting feature that immediately pops out. One is the rewind feature, which you can correct small mistakes, but this does not help much on the race game (duh!). Another thing is Skate (another EA game)-inspired trick control. Basically you can use R stick to do different types of tricks in air. This is pretty cool addition but a little bit confusing at the moment. Although, the control could be a little bit more tighter. Sometimes you always glide through everything especially trees. I think I used to crash into trees alot, but in this demo, somehow trees are like some kinda oiled poll 😛

The video shows the intro (which was unskippable), tutorials and one race.