MAG Platinum Trophy

After 336 hours later, finally got the platinum trophy for MAG. Damn, the game was fun. The video shows the whole stat, ribbons, skill set, armory, etc.

Some stats from the video

Time Played: 336:03:11
EXP: 517069
Battles completed: 888
TK: 370

Win 547
Loss 341

Kill: 24402
Death: 14694
KDR: 1.66

Machine Gun Kill: 6741
Submachine Gun Kill: 2251
Knife Kill: 4534

Win/loss as Squad leader: 101/105
Win/loss as Platoon leader: 7/17
Win/loss as Team leader : 0/0
clearly, i am not a good leader 🙂

Grim Reaper Ribbon: 246
Blah blah blah. but who cares 🙂 I had so much fun.

BTW, the platinum icon describes my mental age extremely well. I am glad that I did not see the icon before.

Me: Yay, I am so happy.
My wife: (stare at me like i am a 5-year old kid, which is kinda true)

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